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Paul's Birthday
July 13, 1937

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Max Switzer & Baja "Gas"
During one of the early Mexican 1000 pre-race trips, I got the bike down to El Arco, which was the rider change point and Max was going to proceed down to la Paz.  Halfway down on his leg, he was getting low on fuel and he saw a little rancho. So
he pulled in to get a little gas. The rancher had a 50 gallon barrel up in the bed of a truck with a siphon hose.  So Max was siphoning gas into his 350 Harley. The tank started overflowing and Max whipped the hose out of the tank spraying gas all over this Mexican ranchers face and covering him with gas.
Max was worried about what would happen during the race when he'd have to stop at this same ranch to get some gas.

Well during the race Max pulled into the ranch to get some more gasoline and he has a full face helmet on. The Mexican wouldn't help him siphon the gas so he did it himself without taking the helmet off. Went he started the siphon he got a mouthful of gas.
When he went to spit it out he forgot he had his full face helmet on.  The Mexican rancher lay on the ground laughing.  So Max had to smell the gas in his helmet the rest of the race.  We still got 3rd that year

  Check this link for Mexican 1000 results. Check out 1968 (view)

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Burt's Beer
Around 1965 I raced the International Moto Cross series in New Zealand. There were racers from many different nations. After all the races the riders and people involved would go to a pub to chat. After one particular meet we all met at the pub as usual. Well Burt, a fellow racer from Sweden, was a nondrinker, so he asked me in his Swedish accent: "Paul I don't like the dam beer" what should I do? Back then everybody would buy you a beer when you came in. So I told him to tell everyone he didn't like the dam piss! Then everyone had a big laugh out of his
reply with his accent.   After that they didn't buy Burt any more beer.

Burt's Hot Pies
We were going to a race meeting in New Zealand. Going through a small town there
was a sign by a restaurant saying Hot Pies. Puzzled, Burt looked at me and said (Swedish accent)
Paul what is hot "piss"? I told him "Burt they service Hot Piss over here"

Real Swedish Men Don't do Dishes
During the international races in New Zealand we were farmed out to stay with different families because we didn't have much money to stay in motels. While staying with Tim Gibbes' family, Joan, his wife did all the cooking. Us boys would do the dishwashing. When it came up to Burt's turn to do the dishwashing we made him put on an apron.  He refused to do the dishes because "Swedish men don't do dishes".   We had to close all the curtains in the house so that no one would see a Swedish man doing dishes. (No pictures were allowed to be taken).

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New Zealand, Woodville Moto cross 30th Reunion
I was invited over to New Zealand for the 30th reunion for the Woodville moto cross. They had all the national anthems being played with the flags on the top of this hill. When they came to the American national anthem, I stood up, took my hat off, faced the flag and noticed it was upside down.  I knew immediately that it was Tim Gibbes who had done it!  When I asked about the flag he joked: "I couldn't remember which way on the flag was up. (Typical Australian sense of humor)


Passing Joel Robert
Dave Ekins loaned me his 100cc ISDT Zundap to race at a Shamrocks Park motocross. Robert and Decoster had borrowed a couple 100cc Hercules (DKW). The Zundapp was twice as fast as the Hercules'; but Decoster and Robert were faster riders than I was. On an uphill section I went to pass Robert on the outside of a turn, I got very close to him.... he lifted his elbow and pitched me right off the track. After the race I asked Joel why the hell did you do that. He said "don't you know, you never pass anyone on the outside."

Interview Joel Robert

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Paul joined the Scramblers MC during High School. We are a tighknit group and we still correspond and get along to this day.

See Pat Hicks or Bill Rogers to find out more. He was one of the originals


Preston @ Crater Camp
Preston was working on his seat and wanted to go racing; so he took his pillow off his bed and taped it where the seat went.  The next moring he went to the races at Crater Camp and raced all day on his pillow.  Monday evening he got back from school his mother told him he had to wash his hair more often because his pillow was filthy. His folks didn't know he was racing... yet.  That same weekend, he couldnt buy leathers so he went to a surplus store and bought a flee-lined aviator suit. This was summer in Southern California; Preston almost expired from the heat.

    Olin Hunt
Once my dad found out I was racing he start going all the time. More people knew my dad than knew me. People call up and say we sure miss your old man.

Andy Colby (Colby Cycles) used to put on an annual xmas party and everyone would draw names and bring a surprise gift for that person

VonDutch was sitting behind the couch playing a flute. So my gift comes up and I am shaking it. Mike Dupois said don't shake it, reach in and see what you got. So as I opened it, he saud don't look, just reach in and get it. So I reached in and a 10" alligator clamped down on my finger. I shook it and it finally lets go of my finger, landing by Ductch. He got a hold of it and said "bitchin." So I told him he could have it.

VonDutch was living in Calabassis and had an empty swimming pool, so he put the alligator in the pool and added some water. After a couple of days he felt sorry for the gator because he had no buddies. He put a hugh bedroom mirror in the pool, so the gator thought he had buddies. Two days later when he checked on the alligator, the sun had reflected off the mirror, barbecuing the gator.