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Do you know Paul Hunt? 
He was one of the great pioneers of American motocross, racing in Europe and Down Under in the late 1950s and early 1960s before most Americans had even heard of motocross, and before there was a Cycle News to publicize his exploits. 

Hunt friend and fan John Fourcroy is in the final stages of creating a biographical and testimonial web site about Hunt.  If you have stories, photos, or an interest in the career of Paul  Hunt, E-mail Fourcroy at Please submit a story to this collection off-road history (details)
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Explore the history of dirt riders on the west coast during the glory days of the 50's, 60's and 70's as you read their stories and memories of Paul Hunt.

In my town of Paradise, California I am honored to call Paul Hunt a friend. He is so modest you would never know of his dirt racing exploits during the 50's, 60's and 70's.

It is amazing how the lives of so many off-road racing legends intersect with this one man. This site is not only the story of Paul Hunt; but also a chronicle of a slice of motorcycle racing history. My primary mission is to capture a slice of history before it's too late.

Please submit a story to this collection off-road history (details)


John Fourcroy
Paradise, CA                         


Oct. 2009 ISDT Reunion Ride
Race Program: Honoring our ISDT Pioneers

Paul Hunt is a true American off-road pioneer. He began racing scrambles (later called motorcross) in Europe, Australia and New Zealand long before most Americans knew there was such a sport. He was also an accomplished desert rider, winning or placing highly in the Greenhorn 500, the Mexican 1000, and about any other race you could find in District 37 (SoCal).

In the early 60's, Paul was self-employed and toured Europe and England racing scrambles. During the winter months he stayed busy wrenching at Comerfords, Ltd. one of Britain's foremost racing shops which prepared the best scrambles, trails and ISDT mounts. He even spend a short time as as shop foreman while the shop foreman was disposed. The fact that the Brits let a young kid from California run their shop speaks volumes about Paul's mechanical skills!

In 1964 and 1965 Paul toured Australia and New Zealand in the Rothmans International Goldleaf Motocross series placing third overall. Each year three top foreign riders were invited "down under" to compete with the home crowd. Paul became good friends with New Zealand ISDT competitor Tim Gibbes. Which may have encouraged him to compete in the 1964 ISDT in Erfurt, East Germany.  Paul rode a 250 Jawa, but unfortunately had to retire after four days with a bad leg injury (before the days of folding footpegs). Paul also rode the 1970 ISDT in El Escorial Spain.

Paul was an excellent mechanic, know for his meticulously prepared bikes. His nickname "Grunt was bestowed upon him when he wrenched in Bud Ekins' Triumph shop. He was Bud's first employee. His expertise led him to several jobs in the motorcycling industry in the 60's and 70's. Du8ring this time he worked with Filtron devoloping air filters, spark arrestors, and prepping the Harley-Davidson team's 100 and 350's for desert competition. He then worked for Hercules Distributing (DKW and Puch), was a sales manager for Preston Petty Products, and competition manager for Bombardier (CanAm) during which time his team won 35 of 40 events entered. Paul went into commercial fishing and marine machine shop services in the mid-70's and still resides in California. Paul has been to the early Reunion Rides hosted by Leroy Winters and we hope he will join us again to be recognized for all he has contributed to our sport.