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This is the 1958 Catalina GP.

I have more movie clips if anyone
has stories to tell about this race


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(view) Looking back at the Desert Glory Days...
...the good old days of California Desert Racers!



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(view) Explore this site containing a slice of Scrambles History
Check out the "Those were the Days" section.


  (view) This is the premier collection of motorcycles with a collection of over 900 vintage and modern motorcycles.
Located in Birmingham, Alabama (205)699-7275  

Need old CMC logo CMC

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CMC was started by Stu Peters, Paul Hunt and Kalvin Franks.


    (view) Explore this site from Portsmouth MCC in Southern England
  (view) Explore this site from AMA Museum

In 1966 at Sycamore Park near Irvine, California.   Paul Hunt won that event aboard a Triumph-powered Rickman Matisse that he had just imported from England.  Hunt was among a handful of Americans who had already visited Europe to get a taste of motocross. By Ed Youngblood (view)

More at Ed Youngbloods MotoHistory (view)


  • Alumni Directory (view)
  • Memories of Big Bear (view)
  • Photos (view)
  • History Timeline (view)

Vintage Racing in the Northwest   

  Euro Spares
1451 46th Avenue
San Francisco, California 94122-2902
415-665-3363 voice/fax

Vintage Bike Pictures & Ads (view)


Classic CanAm (view) pictures of Can-Am Racers

Classic Jimmy Ellis (view) pictures of Jimmy Ellis