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John Fourcroy




NSU Quickly 50cc

Ariel 200cc Colt

Crater Bowl Race








I first met Paul & Stu (Stu Peters- yes, that CMC Stu) during Christmas holidays in 1954. For a few years prior I had Doodle Bugs (a small motorscooter) and Whizzer motorbikes.

My mother (bless her soul) gave me a brand new NSU Quickly 50cc motorbike for Christmas. A few days later I was on top of "Chalk Hill", the highest peak in that area of Woodland Hills, and met these two guys riding 'real' motorcycles. I was only 13, Paul & Stu were much older, even old enough to drive! (a few years makes a big difference at that age) I was overjoyed at meeting some local riders that I could ride with. They laughed at how something that small could even get to the top of the hill. 50cc & 30:1 gearing climbs anything - however slowly! (actually, the downhills gave me enough 'power' to keep up with them)


By the end of 1955 I was able to get a real motorcycle, an Ariel 200cc Colt (basically a de-stroked C15 BSA). By 1956 we went to many of the local scrambles tracks such as Crater Bowl, Shamrock Park, etc. Stu, Paul and myself joined the Scramblers MC for racing camaraderie.


For the next few years, until 1960 when Paul went to Germany in the Army, we rode many local races, Perris and the premier event, Catalina.




Paul & I hung around Bud Ekin's (Tarzana, Ca) Triumph shop doing miscellaneous assembly & repairs. Bud called us his "house apes" :) For me it was like a dream come true. Bud, the fastest scrambles racer, opening up a shop in 1956 just a few blocks from my home. I felt that only a god could win the 1955 Catalina Grand Prix (by 8min 55sec) over the fastest riders California had. Bud had recently returned from Europe and knew things the local riders did not.


Don Brown's "How to Ride and Win" book just added to the fascination of Bud's ability. I'm sure Paul had a similar appreciation of the opportunity. Paul's father, Olin, was an enthusiastic supporter of dirt racing and followed most of his activities. Not sure Paul appreciated it much, but Stu and I would have killed for a father like that. Stu was raised by only his mother. My father was a Beverly Hills lawyer and having a son who loved motorcycles was tantamount to murder. In fact, one time I asked about buying a new motorcycle and my dad responded with "why not buy you a gun and get it over with quickly". -it was an uphill battle for me most the time. Marlon Brando's 1954 movie, "The Wild Ones", did not help any.


Paul had a number of machines. The first I remember was a James. He always did an excellent job of preparing his motorcycles.
Over the years he developed into an expert motorcycle craftsman.



-- more to follow about Paulson Dunbar Hunt, if you desire -- Pres

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