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Early Days
Paul and I both went to Sutter Jr. High; but we didn't meet until we were a Canoga Park High School. I knew how to get to his house only on trails coming into the back of his house. Canoga Park in those days was wide open. We both were members of Dirt Diggers South and then joined the Scramblers. I was riding in Europe while Paul was stuck in Germany in the Army... they wouldn't let him ride.

    Rode Jawas with Paul, Bill Messer and Walt Axthelm
    Spending Money
While racing in Europe we made some extra money by buying Levis', Beatles & Stones Albums in bulk in England and them selling them for nice profit in East Germany.
    East German Flag
We were staying in hotel after the race at Tetrow. Our room was on the 2nd floor and Paul climbed out the window and shimmied our on a flagpole to take possesion of a large East German flag. We were all worried we'd get caught before we crossed the boarder. (this was at the height of the cold war)
  History of Stu Peters  

Did Stu Open up Saddleback?
or just promote races there?

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