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Hoppy Hopkins
England 1965
Hoppy Hopkins remembers Paul
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Ask Hoppy about the time he brazed a leaky fuel tank while it was full of gas.

Paul and Hoppy raced in Europe together.

To get to East Germany meant going through the border checks. Hoppy had a way to get moved up past the line of cars waiting at the boarder. He would lay some Playboys and Road & Track magazines on the passenger seat. Then walk up to the guard shack and tell the guard that he had some things that the guard should confiscate. When the guard walked to Hoppy's truck he would take the magazines, stuff them in his coat and wave Hoppy to the front of the line.

Hoppy moved to England in September 1960 to race motocross. His first stop was at the Cycle News offices where he quickly made friends with the secretary and Cyrus Quantrill, the editor. Cyrus suggest that Hoppy visit the Cotton factory as he thought they needed another racer. So Hoppy went to the factory and they agreed to build him a 1961 Cotton Works 250.

Next he fell into a job. He was at a bar waiting for the local Twikidon MC meeting to get underway, when another bar patron he had been conversing with suggested he go see Teddy at Commerfords He ended up repairing Bubblecars for 10lb a week. His first real buddy was a 17 year old Johnny Wilkes who worked with him.

The Cotton was shipped to Commerfords; but Hoppy had no vehicle to transport the bike to the races. So he talked Commerfords into letting him use the company's Bedford Van. At the races Hoppy parked the van on one sides of the starting line. Commerfords thought that was great when the Commerfords Logo showed up every time the Television crew showed a shot of the starting area.

In 1961 a brand new BSA Goldstar Scrambler appeared in the Commerfords showroom... Hoppy had to have it. He went on to race it the following year on the Continent. He raced around 36 races during the year. The most important was to always finish. Hoppy said he wasn't the fastest or slowest racer; but that he was extremely consistent. Each race meet consisted of 3 races. The first 2 races paid a little; but the 3rd race paid the most. Since each race was anywhere from 45 min. to 1-1/2 hours long many races dropped out or broke down.  Hoppy's consistency paid off.

  Ill'Sorgue, S. France

Sometime I'll have to put together a story about another Yank who rode
MX in Europe, "Hoppy" Hopkins, a vastly different person from Paul, when he went out for a late practice for an event in France, after asking me in the pits which way the course went!
Tim Gibbes, NZ

An Austrailian, Jack Pringle told me the first jump was tricky and the I'd have to turn in the air.  This was an interesting practice, I made it only a few hundred yards hit the jump when my wheel flipped up a stone andhit me in the mouth, tearing a triangle flap out of my lower lip. The French took me to the local butcher shop where some nuns held me down while the butcher sewed my lip back up.
Hoppy, NV, USA

Hoppy told me what an unusual track this was because it ran along the river and then turned straight up the 150' embankment and then back up and down this near cliff, so steep in fact that they poured concrete to make it so the rider could make it. Jeff Smith squared off a corner at the top in preparation to come back down, when a Russian rider clipped him. The Russian ended up tumbling down the hill' but his bike was nowhere to be seen.... the footpeg had embeded itself in the concrete on the face of the cliff where the bike was hanging.
J. Fourcroy



Hoppy Hopkins

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England 1965 .
Jack Hunt-Canada
Hoppy Hopkins& Paul Hunt of USA

These 3 guys shared a house in _____, England while they raced throughout Europe


When Paul got out of the Army in Germany, Hoppy set up Paul so that he could race. He arranged a job at Commerfords, a bike to race, a girlfriend (Sally Crowe), and a house to live in. Paul must have been in Heaven.


Paradise, USA 2006 (lf to rt)
Hoppy Hopkins, Dolly Baughn-Gibbson, and Paul Hunt

October 2006, Hoppy and another friend visited Paul Hunt in Paradise, CA