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I and four others, started the Scramblers MC in the summer of 1954. The others were Bill Rogers, John Bristow, Dale Martin and one more (?). We met in the San Fernanando Valley Parks and Recreation facilities and argued over the name and the colors (Red and White prevailed. It was a serious competition club but also very social. Lots of parties, etc.

We rose to become one of the top scrambles/TT clubs in district 37. Not too much in cross country, though, until Bud Ekins joined us. Paul was a little later, mabe 1958 or 1959, a fine racer and a real asset to our club. Mike Bast joined in the 60's and was national speedway champ. Catalina was by far the biggest event of the year and just about every Scrambler raced there. I think Paul won the 200CC class there.
We were in our 20's during the 50's - our peak racing era. We would party late into the night on Saturday, get up at 5 AM, eat a stale doughnut and a cup of black coffee, then go out and race all day!

We put together a video of old movies of us racing around So Cal including lots of Catalina. Not much of Paul though, he came after the original Scramblers. We all have hundreds of pictures and stories.
Pat Hicks


Yes, we raced at "Rusty Nails". It was named after many flat tires on that scrambles track created by a torn down second world war military base. The track was closer to Palos verdes.

PV also had a scrambles course as well as Seal beach. We raced those tracks many times. Other tracks were Vincent Corners (early-mid fifities), Castaic, Acton, Soledad Canyon (called "Mikes Place"), and of course Crater Camp. Also many races east in Hemet. A few in San Diego and north to Reno.

One quick story. I went to Reno with Jim Morgan, a 50's racer. We were considered very fast by the northern Californians. The course had a straight drop off of about 15 feet. The northern guys were told that we were great jumpers, so they lined up at this dropoff to watch me jump. Well I couldn't disappoint them so I just held the throttle on and closed my eyes. I went straight out and just dropped straight down, hit dead flat on both wheels, bent the bars down around the tank, broke off both pegs, looked back and smiled through my lower back pain. They cheered. I was a hero!

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One quick story about Paul and I.
I was in the expert class in the mid-late 50's. I retired after that. Paul came a few years later. I came out of retirement around 1961 at Hopetown in Simi Valley. Paul sent me a picture of him ahead of me, bragging that he was beating me (which he was). I called him and told him he wasn't ahead, that I was about to lap him. We've been needling each other ever since. I'll try to find that picture.

  Pat's History One of the original founders of the Scramblers
(a top racing club in the San Fernando valley)