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Paul was very popular while here(in New Zealand), because of his friendly attitude to everyone, whether they be within the motocross circle as we were, or outside to normal "everyday" people, where he was always willing to lend a hand, listen, talk etc.

I met him when we were both racing motocross in England & Europe. Along with several other Aussies, New Zealanders & Americans, we tried to make a living out of racing, which sort of got us from one race to another, but nevertheless partially fulfilled our adventure status of seeing parts of the world that many others didn't, under the guise of "sport". Of course in those days the Cold War was very much so between East & West, so our trips in behind the Iron Curtain were something that few people were able to accomplish, & very memorable to us.

Paul also worked for a motorcycle company called Comerfords near
London, as did many, many other Colonials. And one of the photos you have on your site advertising valve springs, was taken there. He was & probably still is a very good mechanic.

He came to New Zealand at my invitation when I was organising an International Motocross series here - 1964 to 1970. We invited 3 overseas riders from Europe, England, USA, etc. each year & they were sort of hand picked so they would provide good competition to the front runners here, as well as put up with the rigors of moving about, mixing with people, PR, etc. for about 3 months at a time.

I don't have any more photos of Paul other than those you have, other than one of my wife Joan & I, taken a year or two ago when I was presented with a motorcycle industry award - the "John Britten Innovation & Service to the Industry" so attach that for the "useless information award".

Like several other riders who visited NZ for this series, Paul has kept
in touch & we always like to hear from him to see what's going on in his
world. I also followed the links through to the AMA "Hall of Fame" site, where another of my USA motorcycling friends Bud Ekins features.

I'm sure Paul can recollect some of the races we competed against each
other, especially the ones where I "tried to kill him" or when he "beat

by Tim Gibbes


Tim Gibbs


Joan & Tim
John Britten Award for Innovation & Service to the Industry"

Tim is now an organizer and a senior figure behind the Motorcyclesport.co.nz website.

On my own website "www.motorcyclesport.co.nz." I have a page called "Those were the days" where I'm setting up some photos & memoirs of those days gone by.


from Side-Cup Motorcycle Club; UK

"The rider is Tim Gibbes, testing the 1963 Greeves 250MDS model for the British Motorcycle News in his column the "No Holds Barred Test" during March, 1963 at Canada Heights circuit, near Swanley, Kent, England!" .
Well you don't see snow like that at Canada Heights anymore.
After some research it turns out that Tim is mates with Jack Pringle and that he was one of the numerous band of people from "down under" who resided in southeast London during the sixties.
  Tim Gibbs