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Back in 1965 a bunch of us flew over to England for the Isle of Mann ISDT. Paul came and picked us up at Heathrow and somehow stuffed around 15 people in a in a Morris Minivan.

Paul was a member of the Silver-B Vase team along with Stu Peters

  Paul was a bad guy... He talked me into taking a bite out of a Cactus Apple in Baja and I've never forgiven him for it. (The Mexicans boiled them 1st to remove the skin & prickers)

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Paulie always told me he was a better rider than me and I always rode sub-par junk motorcycles.  He's right.  What I can't figure out is how come I beat him so many times?  Could be Paulie fell off a lot? Ask Pauly why he didn't finish the 6-days in '64. Well, that is a good story. but I won the Gold Medal and a 5th in the 500cc class. Paul? A DNF.

Paul's ISDT story:
I was going up a little forest track, it was muddy, I hit a rock and ended up 10' off in the forest pines. My leg hurt; but I didn't find out why until the end of the day. At the end of the day I thought I had a lot of water in my boot. When I opened my boot it was full of blood. I had run my solid footpeg through my leg, just missing my shinbone. The East Germans ran me up to a field hospital where they cleaned me up and stapled my leg back together. I told my friend Billy Steward that I had to race the next weekend because I had no money to get back to England. He helped me get to the next race where I had to cut away my boot so it didn't rub on the staples. I didn't do very well; but got enough money to get home.


Pauls Trailriding Story:
Dave and I used to go trailriding together. One winter day we went up
to Gorman to go trailriding. All the way up he was bragging on this new Malcom Smith gortex jacket he had just gotten. I still had my barber jacket. we took off riding and got into the high country and it started to snow and rain. I was very comfortable in my Barber jacket. We finally got to the top of a
ridge and Dave said" I've got to go back, I am freezing cold and wet"
I said I'm fine David, lets go ride some more. He sniveled so much that
we had to go back to the truck and load up. He was soaked to the bone.

I found out that the next day that he had called John Lewis at Malcom Smith's and told him the jacket was no good whatsoever. (If this gets out Malcom will never speak to me again)

Talk to John Lewis for the rest of this story...



  Dave's History
  AMA Hall of Fame (go) http://home.ama-cycle.org/forms/museum/hofbiopage.asp?id=167

Dave Ekins rode

  • ISDT in 1964, 65, 66, 69, 70 (First USA Brothers '64)
  • 1953 Catalina

Dave won the High Mountain Enduro one year and came in 2nd in 1962.
He remembered Norman Illsley who represented the Penguins MC to the faculty at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Norman was student in 1962, majoring in Ag Engineering.

The night before the High Mountain Enduro the Ag Engineering shops were open late helping riders install mufflers on their bikes.


Dave while working with Bultaco fathered the Alpina, his bike was frame #2, which is in the AMA Motorcycle Museum.