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Walt in 1973 ISDT

Walt Axthelm
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Olin Hunt (Paul's father)was an early riser. In 1973 at the 6-day in New England Paul's dad, Ole was doing his morning wake-up stretches and shaking the trailer at 6 in morning. Paul hollered to his dad to go back to bed!


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Walt rode a lot at Rusty Nails as seen in this movie. Walt is on his 250 jawa chasing Black Belt riding a Puch

Walt rode the ISDT in 1960 and 1965 (Island of Mann) (1959/60/64/65). He talked Paul into riding the Island of Mann ISDT in 1965

Walt Axthelm (2001) - Third American to ride the International Six Days Trial (1960). Many-time winner of off-road events on Catalina Island. (from AMA Hall of Fame)
mike patrick???


Perris CA. May 1960 l to r:
Walt Axthelm, Paul Hunt, Preston Petty

This is the picture I spoke of where Paul claims to be lapping me.
Preston Petty is the other guy.

Rode Jawas with Paul

Corringtonville (Hopetown)


(from Scrambles?) Walt Axthelm, 23 years old,1956 D-37 desert #1 heavyweight- far left-on a BSA Goldstar.  Walt rode for Louie Thomas at Modern Cycle Works in East L.A. At that time, desert and scrambles points were combined and you were given an overall desert/scrambles number.  Notice the bikes are not dusty- Walt says most likely this pic was taken at a scrambles, not a desert event.  #2 is Chuck "Feets" Minert  who rode for LeBard & Underwood.  #4 is Charlie Cripps
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