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  Walt Axthelm Walt and Paul raced together

Dave Ekins

Dave and Paul knew each other from races in Southern California and the ISDT

  Jack Fullwood Sales Manager at Bud Ekins shop; Helped found Cycle World
  Tim Gibbes Paul raced in New Zealand and Europe against Tim.
  Tom Heininger

Friend of Paul's who owned Webco

  Pat Hicks Pat was one of the founding members of the Scramblers MC
  Mike Patrick Mike use to ride a Norton 650 on the Desert and was one of the first riders to do well on a Yamaha. He also rode the ISDT on the Kawasaki team. Mike was a mechanic at Walt Axthelm's Triumph/Suzuki shop in Pomona. Also a member of San Gabriel Valley MC.
  Stu Peters One of the founding members of CMC, raced all over along with Paul, Preston and others.
  Preston Petty Grew up riding with Paul, Stu and others in the San Fernando Valley.
Founded Preston
Petty Products
  Brian Slark Met Paul in England and then moved to USA


Stories still to come.....

Ricky James

Ricky and Paul race Baja and the Mint 400 together. Ricky and Paul met at Canoga Park High School

Dick Mann

Dick and Paul knew each other from Pauls time in England
  Bud Ekins
Paul worked for Bud at his shop.
  Hoppy Hopkins Hoppy and Paul race Moto Cross in Europe together
  Ted Lapadakis Paul worked for Ted at Hercules Distributing (DKW, Zundapp)
  John Wilkes John and Paul met at Commerford MC shop in England
  Max Schwitzer
Jack Kritzman Early acquaintance of Paul's. Jack was a prominant rider and is also know for Foam Air filters and Spark Arrestors.
  Mike Konle Grew up riding with Paul and many of their mutual friends